Friday, August 12, 2005

Mr. Hush-Hush

So, yeah ... my doctor is Mr. Hush-Hush. He wouldn't commit to ANYTHING ... the only thing he would say was... "well, it's a possibility that with your heart condition, the chances of a c-section are greater."

Gee. Thanks. That's not what a type-A planner-personality wants to hear. I need details! Plans! Dates! Promises! Ugh. My blood pressure was up a bit (135/80), but I had lost 3 pounds. Amazing what starvation on a low carb diet will do!

Any way... I am feeling like the nursery is finally coming together. Our eBay dresser arrived yesterday (that was fast)... of course it's still in the box, and won't be touched for a few days, to say the least. But it's going to have to be taken upstairs to the nursery, so at least I can open the box and see what it "looks like" in pieces.

We also selected a crib...FINALLY...and my inlaws purchased it for us. $525!!! I almost choked. It will be here in about 8-12 weeks, possibly sooner. Well, the baby will be here in 10 1/2 weeks, so I'm hoping for sooner. This is the crib we finally selected (in white) .

Now... we need to get a digital camera so we can take pictures of everything.

Also, today, my department gave me a surprise shower. It was so nice of them. They gave me some onesies, bibs, a receiving blanket with matching bib, some toys, rattles, and the Baby Einstein Discover and Play Exersaucer that I had registered for. I'm getting excited little by little, cause it's all coming together!


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