Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why, oh Why?!?

Do you ever wonder why things work the way they do? Why one person can try so hard ... so very hard ... to get pregnant, and go through pain and discomfort to get pregnant (yeah!) only to be slapped in the face while pregnant with something like gestational diabetes?

Oh, it just isn't fair. I had resolved NOT to complain during my pregnancy, but be thankful that I'm pregnant and having this long awaited for child. But alas... it seems like all I've done is complain.

I got a call from my doctor on Monday, while I was out of town, to tell me that I have GD. I received in the mail supplies to check my blood sugar while I was away, and began my first full blown testing yesterday. I saw my doctor yesterday, and he was quite alarmed at how high my numbers were. He wanted me to start insulin yesterday. Well, one thing led to another, and I wasn't able to get a visit to my home from a traveling nurse to teach me how to draw the insulin, so I'm going over it on the phone this afternoon with my nurse. Lovely. Can't wait to start giving myself daily injections.... 4 times a day... again ... I thought that all was done with after I completed my round of progesterone (sp?) in oil injections. But no. It's not done with yet.

At least I can understand why I wake up every 45 minutes (yeah ... literally) to go to the bathroom every single night. My body is trying to get rid of all the extra sugar it's carrying. So, maybe I can look forward to only having to get up every 2 hours instead. Man---I don't know how I'll handle all that extra sleep! I'll be spoiled!

And to top it all off, the nutritionist called me last night about my diet, and asked me if my doctor had discussed my c-section with me yet. You know what my reaction to that question was? "I'm sorry, my WHAT? C-Section? No... no one has even MENTIONED a C-Section." To which she replied... "Well, they like to deliver big babies by C-Section, so prepare yourself." Great. I'm going to deliver a giant.

So, as I mentioned earlier, we were out of town for the last 5 days. We went to stay with my sister in her beach house on Topsail Island, NC. It was so nice. The weather stunk because it was so freakin' hot and humid, but it was so nice to spend precious time with my sister and her 4 kids. They are just lovely children... so well behaved and loving and cuddly. I could just kiss them all day long. I miss them already. And... my sister sent me home with a baby bassinet ... very cute! I set it up yesterday in my bedroom, and I love it.

Did I mention the fact that my 7 year old niece has Juvenile Diabetes? She is so brave and strong. She is inspiring. She carries on daily and never complains. She's a champ. Okay ... I guess if this little wisp of a child can deal with diabetes that is totally worse than what I have (she's completely insulin dependant), than I guess this big ol' wimp can too.

So, my parents arrive today (they are coming in from Winston-Salem, NC) to spend close to two weeks with us. I can't wait. My mom hasn't seen me since May, and boy, has my belly popped! She'll love to see that. And, you can actually feel as well as see the baby moving around!

I never really realized how much I love my parents until I became pregnant. I'm told by other women that they felt that too. It really makes me appreciate them so much, but saddens me that they live so far away.

My mother will bring me a bit of sanity and peace. She'll calm me down. She'll help me get ready. She'll speak her words of wisdom. She'll hug me and dote on me. She'll be my mom.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Liz said...

What is it with these scare tactics? Your nutritional counselor? Knows NOTHING about birth. Mine did the same thing to me - meanwhile, my doctor is excited by the fact that I may get to 38 or 39 weeks with my twins and have a natural vag birth - with GD, btw.

There is no reason at all that, as long as you're doing everything you can to manage your GD that you can't avoid a c-section. None.

I'm also surprised that they didn't give you time to see if the diet affects your eating numbers.

My eating numbers were easily managed through diet - so I just take a tiny amount of insulin before bed for my fasting numbers which, as you know, are completely out of your control.

Talk to your doctor, if you haven't - s/he should be reassuring you, not scaring the crap out of you.

And I highly recommend getting a birth doula - we did and I will never regret it - she makes me feel really confident in my abilities to get what I want, as long as the babies aren't in jeopardy.

Hang in there - do NOT let these people freak you out :)!!

Here's some inspiration for you:

Lots of diabetics have the births they want.


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