Monday, August 01, 2005

Holy Cow... I'm starting to FREAK OUT!

To put it mildly... I'm starting to FREAK OUT! I just started my 29th week ... that leaves only 11 weeks (if all goes accordingly). ELEVEN WEEKS. I do not have a crib yet. I do not have a dresser yet. I do not have a car seat yet. I DO have a bassinet, however, which goes a long way in calming me.

Selecting a crib and dresser combo has been the hardest thing I've had to do in the last -- well -- in the last 29 weeks.

I decided to get a long dresser and also use it as a changing table. That way, the baby can continue using it as it grows up. Yeah... I also put a limit on how much to spend because someone else is getting it for us as a gift. So... $300-ish for a white dresser. That's what I'm willing to spend. Do you know how difficult it is to find one that's the right "white" and the right height for $300 and not $800?????!!!!!????? Why in heaven's name would someone charge $800 for a dresser for a nursery? That's highway robbery!

As for the crib--- this has been a hard thing to decide on. I think I've finally narrowed it down (after having driven my husband nearly insane over this). You see, you have so many choices. White cribs, cherry cribs, oak cribs, pine cribs, mahogany cribs, painted cribs. Cheap cribs, expensive cribs, stationary cribs, convertible cribs, 3-in-1 cribs. Square cribs, sleigh cribs, round cribs. Cribs that fly or cribs that drive. Goodness. Where does one begin?

The crib is also being purchased for us as a gift by someone different. So again... I feel the need to be a bit miserly when it comes to the budget. But then again, I would be even if it was me buying the crib. At first, I was all set on purchasing a 3-in-1 crib so that it can go through the baby's life with him/her. But then, I decided to just get a cheap crib, because we hope to be pregnant again by the time this one is ready for a toddler bed. In which, we'll toss it in a single bed with rails. And since, of course, my life has gone so close to PLAN (NOT!)... any way...

I think I've narrowed down my decisions, though. The crib is cheaper than I thought, and the dresser a bit more than I thought, but it's such a cute set. It's the Bassett Baby Cottage White Collection. Target carries it. It's a cute sleigh style crib with beadboard trim on the ends, with a matching little dresser. The dresser is about 10" smaller than I had hoped for, and also $100 more than I had hoped for, but all in all... I think it will work out just fine. Since I haven't really learned how to do links yet, I'll just provide the address for Bassett Baby (or you can go to Target to check it out).

I'm also going to check the second hand stores around town for a dresser I can paint white. But ... Regardless of whether I get this dresser, or not... I think I'll still get the crib. So cute.

I think. I'll feel better once everything is ordered. And to top things off... it usually takes 12 weeks for delivery. Yay! Another source of stress for me.

I'm not usually a procrastinator like this, but I am awful when it comes to making decisions when I have too many choices. For instance... restaurants... I NEVER want to make the choice as to where we'll eat. There are just too many choices! Also, I hate chaos. I will not... absolutely refuse... to step foot into the local dollar stores. I just can't stand the disorder. I can't even think in those stores! It gives me that "willy" feeling, and I just have to turn around and RUN out of the store. Chaos has no place in this world! It throws me for a loop! I need order. And, I need to know what I'm going for, run into what ever store has it, and run back out. I hate shopping. I know... a woman that hates to shop ... but I do.

Except for when it comes to Target. I love to shop in Target. Not sure why, but that's a whole other story.

Hey... it's my sob story, and I can have exceptions, ya know?!?

So here's to making a decision on a crib and dresser.

But I'm not ordering it yet. Did I mention we're going to Buy Buy Baby this week? I might see something else I like and change my mind. Ugh! What can I say?!


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