Friday, June 03, 2005

Updates, updates, updates!

May 27 was our 20 week sonogram. Technically, I was 19 weeks. Any way, our doctor sent us to a parinatologist (sp???) because they look for special markers that may indicate genetic disorders, etc (we opted not to have any testing done). When we finally got in (after our 1 hour and 25 minute wait), the sonogram tech started to do her thing, and then suddenly, set the sonogram wand thingie down and said, "I'll be right back. I need to speak to the doctor." And with that, she ran out of the room.

Okay... breath deeply. Relax. CALM THE FRICK DOWN. After 8 minutes painfully went by, and after my husband made me release my clutching grip on his hand, the tech came back. She calmly sat down and said, "You're too early. We need to see you at 23 weeks, and I wasn't sure that your insurance would pay for two sonograms if I proceeded with this one."

Um ... HELLO!!! Obviously, I'm seeing a specialist for a reason ... and tearing out of the room while leaving your patients bewildered and wondering what is wrong with their baby really isn't the best way to handle a billing issue. And to come back and offer no apology, but just get back to business... well, let's just be nice and say that it wasn't handled well.

Good grief, talk about momentary heart failure.

As it all turns out, everything looks great, baby is great, heart beat is 140 BPM, and the baby looks like it has MY nose (lucky thing!). So we go back on the 20th for another look.

My doctor's appointment was uneventful. I'm measuring at 22" (I'm currently 20 wks), and I have to go back on the 29th for my first diabetes test. Yes, it's going to be done early, but my doctor said he would feel better monitoring it early on (PCOS issues). He also had me listen to the baby's heart beat. I'll try to recreate what I heard...

whosh, whosh, whosh, whosh, whosh, [silence-silence-silence] whosh, whosh, whosh, whosh, whosh

I looked up at my doctor and said... "okay, why was there silence there? did the heart stop beating?" and he said, "yup... the baby has so much room to move around that sometimes it gets a king in it's umbilical cord and it causes the heart to stop beating for a few seconds... only 3 or 4... but it's nothing to worry about. It happens all the time.)

HAPPENS ALL THE TIME? Child, don't ever do that to me again! And if you do... don't let me know about it! It was the worst thing I've heard yet!!!

But all in all we have really been blessed --- everything is going well. I'm still constantly worried about the baby, but at each checkup, the baby seems to be getting bigger. And trust me, so am I. Even though I've only gained 8-1/2 pounds, I feel like the child is resting right on top of my lungs! I'm huge and constantly short of breath, and I can't really enjoy an entire meal any more because everything is pushing up on my stomach, but I'm so happy that all is well.


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