Friday, May 20, 2005

Butt Paste

Okay... so I haven't posted in a while... but it's been busy at my house, and I work full time, and I've been entertaining out of town guests, and ... well ... let's just face it ... I don't have a good enough excuse. I've just been plain lazy. All those other things are true, but I could have found a moment to post. After all ... I have certainly found a moment to read all my favorite blog spots!

So, here's what I read in one of my blog spots, and I just have to know... does this really work?

"... about Mylanta for diaper rash: We used a similar, but more involved, concoction our pediatrician called "Butt Paste" (can't wait to see the Google hits you get for that). It's equal parts Maalox, A&D ointment, Cortaid and Lotrimin AF. The combination works as follows: Maalox to neutralize acid, Lotrimin AF to beat that nasty "yeasty" rash; Cortaid to heal broken skin; A&D to create a barrier to moisture (which aggravates the skin and promotes yeasty rash)."

How am I ever going to remember that recipe??? Any way, I just thought it was interesting. the very name... Butt Paste ... well, that was all I needed to see. If it has such an interesting name, than certainly it must be good stuff, right?

Since May 12, I've had house guests. My dear friend from California came and stayed with us for 6 days. Then two days later (yesterday), my parents came in from North Carolina for a 10 day visit. So, I've practically killed myself cleaning, washing linens, and pretty much nagging my husband to do this, or do that. Man! I'm pooped!!!

I had a great time with my friend, but I'm glad my mom and dad are here. My mom helps out with everything. Actually, she won't let me do anything. In fact, she won't even let me stand in the kitchen while she's cooking. I love my mom!!! She remembers what it was like to be 18 weeks pregnant, and have swollen feet.

Any way, we are starting to work on the Nursery this week. My DH started painting the room a light buttery yellow, and then my mom, who is an artist, is going to paint murals in the room. Very light and whimsical. I just can't wait. I don't have a digital camera yet, but when I get one, I'll be sure to post pictures!!!


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