Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Stressed Beyond Measure...

So, now I'm stressed ... way more than I should be, probably, but still... I can't help it.

Have you been here ... http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_leery_polyp/ lately? Well, Jo has graciously started sharing the whole truth, and nuttin but the truth, about her delivery story, and let me just say ... I'm reaaaaalllly getting scared! She went through so much pain, and suffered several scares, and let me just go on record saying... I'm the biggest baby that ever walked the face of this earth, and I pitty... yes ... PITTY my doctor, because he just doesn't know what he's in for. It's too late for me to turn back, obviously, but I sure do want to ... at full speed, too!

I'm pretty certain my husband would fully agree that I.DO.NOT.HANDLE.PAIN.WELL.

So, last week, my wonderful OB said that if I wanted to go out now, he'd write me a note. Anything I wanted, he'd approve. I had really left that appointment feeling so much better, but not quite ready to stop working yet. Well, this week, I feel differently. The baby is ridding low. Very low. And, it's doing weird things at night ... strange movements that extend body parts out the sides of my own body, rendering it nearly impossible to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. My feet have really been swollen pretty much all day and night now, and they ache. My stomach aches... not the skin, not the stomach on the inside, but on the outside. It feels like I've been beaten in the stomach. And, it's uncomfortably and at times painfully hard all the time. My poor back is aching, too. Okay -- everything hurt.

So, this week (yesterday), I decided I was ready to go on a reduced work schedule... maybe work 6 hours so that by the end of the afternoon, but while it's relatively still early, I can go home and just rest without interfering with my night time sleep. So, yesterday, I called the great coordinator of disability forms at my OB's office, and relayed the conversation I had had with my OB (on her voice mail, of course), and asked her to fill the form out with a starting date of this past Monday, for a 6 hour work day. Today, she called me back to say she can't do that because there are no notes in my chart from my doctor indicating that he's willing to do this, or that I have medical reason to do this. So... after arguing with her about it for about a half hour insisting that my OB said I had sufficient medical reason to go out with the low amniotic fluid and with the gestational diabetes, and stressing out even more that now I have to continue working in a zombie like state, it has all left me on the verge of tears, and I finally agreed to "re-discuss" it with my OB tomorrow just so I could get off the phone. And TRUST me... I will!

But for now, I must get back to work. I have a critical deadline for Friday that I will miss if I keep chatting like this. And I'm leaving early today, with or without a doctor's note. I need to lay down and put some support under this huge belly of mine, so I can find a wee bit of relief. Maybe I'll get to nap a little, too?

One can only hope.


At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya! Feeling uncomfortable too.

-beaver girl

At 11:02 PM, Blogger daysgoby said...


"How To Reassure Your Patient While Not Documenting ANYTHING" - think it's a required class in med school?

Everyone's birth story is different, just as everyone's birth is different. While the act of giving birth is pretty well set in stone (labor+pushing or operation=baby), the way we react to it and the experiences we all have are all different. Remember, you have so many people to support you and love you - and trained people who can tell when you need help, when to aid you with any pain, or to help you with the process.
Someday after you give birth I'll tell you my birth stories, if you'd like. They will be far different from yours, as most will be.

Big hugs.



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