Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I can't believe I forgot to share this!!!

I am so forgetful it's not even funny! First of all, I have two excuses. 1) I'm pregnant... 2) I had a nasty head/chest cold over the weekend, and I'm just now getting over it. So, as you can see from my last post, vanity is much closer to my heart than what I'm about to share. For shame, for shame. I am most embarrassed!

Any way, several things to update on... we received our dresser the same day we ordered our crib. We didn't open it until this past weekend, and much to my broken heart's dismay, two of the MAIN pieces were cracked and chipped. So, I placed a call in to the manufacturer, and of course... the parts are on back order, and they are not sure when they will be coming in. Yeah ... I cried my eyes out for a good hour.

Next, the crib we ordered 10 days ago ARRIVED over the weekend!!! WAHOOO!!! The anxiety they caused by telling us it would take 8-12 weeks for delivery... so unnecessary! We'll be putting it together this weekend, but with my luck, something is probably broken or chipped, and the replacement parts will be on back order. Okay, so I'm a pessimist... let's hope for the best.

Finally, and I'm very, very excited about this... we decided to look into closet systems for the baby's closet. Hopefully in the next two weeks, we'll have something in place. Can't wait!

That's all for now.

Yeah, I'm a materialistic kind of gal. I know.

I see the OB tonight, so I'll post next on health issues.


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