Friday, September 23, 2005

Just Because...

WARNING... Long post ahead...

Okay ... I haven't posted in FOREVER ... just because... Because I haven't been feeling well, haven't been resting well, and haven't really been myself lately.

But before I get into all that jazz, my baby shower was on the 17th, and it was simply divine. I had a wonderful time... of course I don't remember half of it, and I didn't get to talk to half of the people that were there (about 50), but it was a great time. I got so many wonderful gifts -- all of them necessary and practical. I feel quite overwhelmed and blessed by everyone's generosity and outpouring of love. I even had a friend from Ohio show up and surprise me! That was the best surprise ever. Now, I have an entire floor of bags, boxes, bows, and tissue stockpiled in my living room. I really need to sort through everything, but just looking at it all overwhelms me! Then, on the 18th, we went to my aunt's home for a luncheon, and we got even more gifts. It was ... well ... something else! At this shower, I got all frilly and fine little outfits, mostly in white, hand crocheted little white booties, hand made little white cotton eyelet things, delicate little sleepers, dainty little bibs, things for baby dedications, hand made photo albums lined in silk, etc. Do you know what this means? It means I'm going to have to starch, bleach, starch... ugh! I think I prefer practical and necessary gifts! No, really.... I do!!!

Onto my health... Well, this past week, I have had three doctor's appointments, and I have my FOURTH this afternoon.

Monday, I saw the perinatologist, who did a biophysical profile of the baby, and discovered that my amniotic fluid level has gone from 15 cm (last week), to 7.1 cm. Ummmm ... that's not such a good thing. And, where's it going, anyway?

Then, on Wednesday, for my second appointment of the week, I saw my OB, and for the second time, I had a non-stress test. Needless to say, this child did NOT perform. Again. And ... I was strapped to the machine for 2 hours. Fortunately, my hubby was with me, so I was entertained, and didn't burst into tears over the discomfort of lying on a hard exam table that slopes DOWNWARD for two hours. The lovely vinyl they cover those tables in causes ... er .... sweating ... and the additional downward slope caused a bit of sliding. The paper I was laying on was plastered to my back and butt, shredded from sliding down, and pushing back up. Sliding down, and pushing back up. Sliding down... well... you get the picture. Then, my OB came in to do my GBS test, and while he was swabbing, asked if he had done this before. I told him yes, and that he had said at the time that I was colonized, and he just flicked the swab into the trash and said, "well, once colonized, always colonized. No need to retest!" Then he told me we'd wait until the end of my 37th week (next week) to get a growth measurement on the baby to decide when we're going to deliver. He also told me that if I wanted to go out now, he'd write me a note. Anything I wanted, he'd approve. I felt so much better after hearing this.

My THIRD appointment was yesterday to have a sonogram of my heart done (echocardiogram). They want to see if it is still enlarging or staying the same. The appointment was for two. I walked in at 1:50. I asked them to check if I owed a copay for the last visit, and boy, did they check that out fast! Within minutes, they called me back to the counter to straighten my account up. Now, usually, I'm in and out within thirty minutes. This time... after they sent be back to the waiting room, I waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was so hot and still in the waiting room. I started to fan myself. Then, I started to wiggle around because I was so uncomfortable. Then, my head started to spin. I could only assume I was lightheaded because I hadn't had my afternoon snack yet. My sugar was in the 70s. Low. So, at that point, and close to the verge of tears for some reason, I went up to the counter to complain. They just looked at me and said, "you're still here?" Uhhh ... YEAH... a full hour and fifteen minutes later, people. I told them this was totally unacceptable. They went to get my chart... couldn't find it... looked me up on the list ... finally found my chart and said they'd be with me in 5 minutes. I went to the restroom and melted into tears. I have no idea why, I just did. Maybe because I was all alone. Any way, I came back out, red faced from crying, and they took me back. I had a new person do the sonogram, and the idiot had me lying FLAT on my back. She asked me how far along I was.... I told her over 36 weeks. She suggested I lye on my left side and raise my left arm over my head. I had to put my right hand under my belly to hold it, but she asked me to move it out of the way. I told her, "well, I need something there to support the baby" and she asked me if I wanted a pillow... YA THINK??? Needless to say ... I had tears rolling out of my eyes the whole exam. I couldn't wait to get out of there and get home. What a dreadful appointment.

Today is my fourth ... with the perinatologist again. We're re-measuring the fluid to see what's going on ... is it getting lower, staying the same, or getting better. I have a feeling I'll end up on bed rest.

So... that's been my stressful and demanding past 7 days. And to top it all off, I have a financial forecast close at work these next two weeks. I'm tired and stressed beyond measure. It's time for me to go out... at least on a reduced work schedule.


At 6:52 PM, Blogger daysgoby said...

oh my lord! Now that was a bad week!!
Hard to make the good (the shower) equal out the bad (sadistic, unthinking doctors!!) sometimes, isn't it?

Most frilly lacy little things are much easier to just, well...dry clean.

Happy last few weeks!


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