Thursday, September 01, 2005

Something interesting happened to me yesterday...

First of all, I must admit that I am a news junky... Fox News, to be exact. I've been glued to the TV every spare moment I have, which isn't much, to get constant updates on what's going on in the south. My heart goes out to the families hit by Katrina, and my prayers are pouring out for y'all. Money, too.

Second of all... in the wake of Katrina, my little town (within the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area) got hit by some butt kicking storms Tuesday night. Now, normally, that's okay. But you see... I have a little dog. She's my baby... a Maltese that loves your lap, and glues her tiny tongue to your face when she can. She's an awesome dog, but she's scared to death of storms. And, unfortunately, the storms hit us at night... well after I had gone to bed. It was really, really, really late... okay, it was only 9:00 pm when they started, but they lasted until about 2 or 3-ish. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind... Needless to say, I had one scared pup on my hands. Now, my dear, DEAR husband wakes up at 4:15 to go to work every day... so, in order to help him out, I tried to take care of the dog, calm her, soothe her, and pry her off of my freakin head. When she's scared like that, she likes to get up on top of our pillows (around our head), because I guess she thinks the highest spot in the room is the safest spot in the room. Then, she proceeds to put her cute little nose right into your face, open her snout up and pant. And pant. And pant. Pant, pant, pant. Hot, stinky doggie breath panting all over your face. It's so nice... really ... you just don't know what you're missing.

So, I fought with her, dragging her down, cradling her, petting her, dragging her down, soothing her, loving her, dragging her down ... you can see how it went... until I got the brilliant flash of an idea around 2:00 am to give her an entire Benadryl pill. I AM BRILLIANT! She was out like a light within 30 minutes. I finally got to turn my 33-1/2 week exhausted, sleep deprived body over and start to doze off... only to be awakened by my husband SNORING! And, since I felt sorry for him having to wake up in about 1 hour and 15 minutes... I went into the guest room to try to get a wee bit of sleep on our ever so uncomfortably lumpy guest mattress. It wasn't happening. I finally dragged myself back to my room, and my luxuriously extra firm king sized Simmons Beauty Rest with a pillow top bed when my hubby woke up. I slept soundly until 7:30 am (uh, that's only about 3 hours of sleep in the whole night!), dragged my butt out of bed, went to work, only to come home early around 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon, exhausted out of my mind.

And that's when it happened...

I was measuring my blood glucose level (don't worry, my husband was driving). The number came up and registered at 80. EIGHTY! My God! I'm low! I turned to my husband, and this is the conversation we had:

me: Honey... I'm at 80 ... honey, did you hear me?
him: yeah, I heard you...
me: Honey, I think I'm going into diabetic shock... pull over, quick. Right there. Yeah, that's the place. Stop. Hurry, stop. I've got to get something to keep me from going into shock and not only putting your dear child into danger, but to keep me from possibly DYING.
him: Huh?
me: YOU HEARD ME... STOP RIGHT HERE. I'll be right back. Wait in the car.
him: But honey, it's just a Dunkin' Donuts shop ... I don't think that's what you need right now...
me: SHHHHHHH! Not another word. I'm on a mission to save myself and our babe.
him: Honey...
me: (as I run inside the store) I'll have two cake donuts with chocolate icing, one apple filled cinnamon donut, and one apple fritter... immediately!
me: (back in the car, with a mouth full of apple fritter) Hmmm... oh, I feel so much better... yeah, it's working... I'm coming back. The baby is happy. Oh, this was a life saver. Honey... YOU SAVED MY LIFE! You're my hero!
me: (moving on to the next set of donuts) Hey, wait a second... what's going on? Are donuts supposed to taste like curry? What's wrong with this donut? Hey... the chocolate ones taste bad, too!
him: Honey ...
me: Shut up, man! I'm having a crisis here! The apple filled one taste like curry, too!
him: HONEY ...
me: WHAT?!?!?
him: it's time for you to wake up and come down for dinner!
me: What?!?
him: you were really out of it... wake up and come down for dinner! I've been calling and calling you!
me: Oooooohhhhh!!!! I've been sleeping? You mean, we really didn't go to Dunkin Donuts?
him: Uhhh, no.
me: I just wasted an entire DREAM on curry flavored donuts! It's just not right!

Evidently, "some" of us were just a bit more tired than we realized on Wednesday afternoon. I drove myself home, my husband got home later in the evening, and somewhere in between, I fell asleep, went to Dunkin Donuts, and didn't even get to enjoy ANYTHING!

Urgh! What a horrible thing to happen to a woman suffering from gestational diabetes!


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