Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It feels like forever since I last posted. It really isn't... but my memory is fried from lack of sleep, in-office floating germs that my coworkers are nice enough to share, and a snoring husband... so I can't remember what I've posted about.

In any case... I saw the perinatologist yesterday, and hooray for me... I've done an excellent job at controlling my blood sugars. The baby is measuring 34 weeks and 3 days ... which is good, because I'm at 35 weeks tomorrow. Also, the baby's abdomen is measuring at 36 weeks. It's nice and round... a chubby tubby baby! Shaped just like it's daddy... slender all over, except for his big buddah belly! Thank God the sonos show that the baby has my nose, and not my overall rubenesque (sp?) figure!

Have you ever felt like time was just FLYING! I can't believe I'm at 35 weeks, and the baby might possibly be here in another 4 weeks if they keep the moved-up date! Yikes! I'll be a mommy soon. After so many years (15) of not being able to hold my own child, I think I'll be totally bowled over and overwhelmed by the whole experience. Of course, I'm going to be walking with a walker or a cane because I'll be so freaking old (38), but hey ... I'm not going to complain!

In the last week, my feet have started to swell, and let me just say ... it is soooo unbecoming. Disgusting, in fact. I've been keeping a close eye on my blood pressure, too, and while it's still low (last night it was 123/86), it's slowly creeping up (that's from 106/76 last week). THAT's what makes me nervous.

Why, you might ask? Well ... My sister was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia with her first child (she now has 4). Poor thing ... she was soooo swollen, and her blood pressure was so high. She was rushed to the hospital by my mom, because one morning, she woke up and couldn't straighten herself up because of the pain in her kidneys. They were shutting down. Upon further research of my own, I think she more likely had HELLP. Here are some symptoms of HELLP:

1) severely disturbed blood clotting function, leading to heavy, uncontrollable bleeding, particularly after surgery;
2) severe liver damage, which can lead to failure or even rupture of this vital organ;
3) severe kidney problems, including kidney failure;
4) breathing difficulties, which may be severe enough for the mother to need artificial ventilation
5) stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) with or without eclampsia (convulsions).

Out of the 5 symptoms, she had 2 ... her kidney's were beginning to shut down, and she had heavy, uncontrollable bleeding after the baby was born for 15 weeks. I don't think that HELLP was well know back when she gave birth to her first born, but I would tend to think she had a bit of both HELLP and pre-eclampsia.

So, trust me when I say, I'm staying on top of all my little woes and keeping my doctor well informed. I'm sure he's just as pleased as pie!

On another note... something strange has popped up, and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that all my lovely ligaments are loosey-goosey, and are moving around. My JAW, of all things, is killing me. It feels like it has slidden (is that a real word? it is now!) out of place just a wee bit. It feels kind of like lock jaw, and my teeth feel funny when I clamp down... like they are off centered and not lining up properly. It happened once or twice earlier on in my pregnancy, and it's happening again, so I'm certain it'll go away soon, but for the meantime, it's uncomfortable. That's the story of my life. Uncomfortable.

Good news, though... my momma and poppa are pulling into town this evening and will be here for 7 days. Yeah! We'll be hanging window treatments in the nursery, and making it look all lovely and adorable for the baby! AND ... I have a shower on Saturday (9/17) AND on Sunday (9/18)!!! The one on Saturday is being hosted by my sister (the one I was talking about up above) and sister-in-law... so that means my sister is coming into town on Friday with three of her kids (the girls) ... I -- CAN'T -- WAIT!!! (she's from NC too)

Quick!!! Someone PINCH me!


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