Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Stay Away From "Bubblemint" While Pregnant!

Wow! What an amazing thing it is to see a real sonogram of your very own baby! It has a head, body, paddles ... umm ... I mean arms and legs, and a pounding heart! 160 beats per minute! I'm pretty sure that's good. While we didn't get to hear it, we saw it, and that alone was quite reassuring!

So, my next appointment is in April, and we will actually get to HEAR the heartbeat! Amazing what they can do now a days.

To top off all the good news ... I'm not really experiencing severe morning sickness... PTL! While occasionally, I have heartburn or mild nausea, it's nothing like actually vomiting non-stop (as my sister did on a couple of her pregnancies, and my SIL did at the beginning of her pregnancy)!

So, while I'm swamped at work, my mind is now literally consumed with baby thoughts. Colors for the nursery, patterns for the fabrics, styles of cribs... to buy a convertible crib or not ... that is the question. Should I plunk the extra money into a crib that will eventually turn into either a double or two twin head boards, or should I save my cash, and let the child pick out their "grown-up" headboard when they are older??? So many questions!

By the way... the other day I was in the grocery store getting a salad for lunch, and while I was at the check out, I really felt like having some bubble gum. So, I grabbed a pack of Orbit Bubblegum. After I ate my lunch, I wasn't feeling so well, so I thought a piece of bubblegum might make me feel better ;-) ... so I popped a piece in my mouth and started chewing... and low and behold ... was greeted with a disgusting combination of mint and bubblegum... kind of like chewing on Bubblegum flavored Listerine! YUCK! Then I looked more closely to the packet, and saw that Orbit did not sell "BUBBLEGUM" flavored gum, but rather "BUBBLEMINT" flavored gum. Now, maybe it's because I'm pregnant, but it was so revolting that I had to spit it out. And, I sat and pouted the rest of the afternoon, because it wasn't BUBBLEGUM flavor, and that's what I wanted! Who comes up with these disgusting flavors? How sad that my life has come to this! Next time, I won't worry about the additional sugar intake, and just get REAL bubblegum. Lesson learned!


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Orbit bubble mint probably tasted bad because...you are pregnant. I like Orbit gum no matter the flavor. It really is a great tasting gum...especially bubble mint & sweet mint:)


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