Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

Yesterday was mother's day, and with it came a swirl of emotions. I woke up feeling weepy and sorry for my self. After my shower, I tried to put on the dress I had laid out for church, only to find that it didn't fit any more. SOB! My husband was at the store getting "stuff" (a corsage for his mom, and a widowed friend of ours at church). By the time he got back home, I was a ball of tears, crying out... "I'm a cow... I don't look good in anything. I'm huge. Pregnant women are supposed to be cute, but I'm a cow!" He looked a bit scared, but he handled it like a champ.

So, I waited patiently for him to give me "my" corsage, or a card, or SOMETHING. But he didn't. So in the car, on the way to the gas station, I started to cry again. He reached for my hand and asked what was wrong. Crying even harder, I said "I'm a cow, and this is the first year you didn't buy me a corsage" (each year he buys me a corsage for mother's day because I've had 4 miscarriages, and he says that even though they aren't here for us to love, I'm still the mother of his children... sigh...he's wonderful). He looked at me and frantically said, "but I DID get you a corsage, I even got you a card!" I just sobbed a bit more, and said, "oh. okay."

So that's how mother's day morning started off.

He gave me a pretty corsage once we got to church, gave me a big hug, and a huge kiss, and wished me a happy mother's day, then went in to deliver the other corsages. Yeah, I felt silly, but I still felt like a cow.

Several people (except my MIL and FIL) wished me a happy mother's day, hugged me, cried over me, and just made me feel so special.

My DH took me through fast food for lunch, because we were planning on going out to dinner in the evening with his family (see next paragraph), but once we got home, I was able to lounge and do nothing, and take a nice long nap. Ahhh... it was lovely. And, my gift from my husband was a ton of flowers for my garden, and the promise to plant them for me, since I can't do much of anything now.

Unfortunately, Mother's Day this year also shared the same date as my Mother in-law and Father in-law's 40th wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner later in the evening, nothing more was said about mother's day... meaning that they never wished me a happy mother's day, or gave me a card, or anything (I know, I know... I'm being selfish, but they just lavished their own daughter while she was pregnant during mother's day, and after 15 years ... well, I just feel like I deserve it). The whole meal concentrated on their anniversary gift (a romantic weekend away, a buggy ride, and tickets to a show -- we are good children, after all), and on them, them, them. I guess after 40 years, they deserve it!

The day before, however, we had a lovely mother's day luncheon at our church, and the men, my DH included, waited on us hand and foot. It was so nice.

All in all... this has been the best Mother's Day in 15 sad long years!

P.S. --- I really have SUCH a wonderful husband. I love him to death!


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