Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Okay ... everything is fine today. Hitler isn't off on a rampage, and the world is once again quiet. As long as he stays in his stinking office, everything is just fiiiine. I swear I think I'm too emotionally unstable to be at the office right now. Just waiting for the day I go in for my beta test that will tell me whether I'm pregnant or not is killing me, and the daily need I have to be obsessive over every single thing is ridiculous...

For instance ... "Oh, no! I haven't felt any nausea for three days... maybe I'm not pregnant!" (I should be thankful I'm not feeling nausea yet!) or how about this one ... "I can barely keep my eyes open ... that MUST mean I'm pregnant!" ... or ... "Honey, I'm craving Bit-o-Honey candy. I'm not sure where that craving came from, but surely that must mean I'm pregnant!" (like I could possibly be feeling any cravings this early!) And then there's the dreams ... oh, the dreams ... like I'm in a wild, WILD movie!

Well, we'll all know for sure in 5 days, but secretly, I really think I'm pregnant.


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